Meet Tri the New Year Indoor Triathlon Participant Virginia!

Meet Tri the New Year Indoor Triathlon Participant Virginia!

A special thank you to Virginia for sharing her Tri story with us!

We started 2017 in a different way than previous years. My husband, children and I participated in the Y’s Tri the New Year Indoor Triathlon, which included an eight-minute swim in the pool, a 22-minute stationary bike ride, and a 15-minute run on the indoor track.

We chose to have our children compete in the Tri as a relay because our youngest is too young and small to complete the triathlon in its entirety. Our son swam, our eldest daughter biked and our youngest daughter ran and walked the last portion. In the pool, I swam alongside my son and when we finished the lap counter told us that if the swim were two minutes longer my son would have lapped me! In the next phase, my daughter who is a bit small struggled with the stationary bike. The Y staff was there to assist her immediately. They found a suitable bike for her, got her settled and were very encouraging throughout the 22 minutes. During the final portion of the Tri, my youngest and I alternated between walking and running laps on the track. At the end of the triathlon, my children wanted to compete again because they had such a good time.

Involving our children and competing in the Tri will become a New Year’s Day tradition with our family. The environment was highly positive, family-friendly and, most importantly, fun. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year on a healthy note and as a family. My children cannot wait until January 1, 2018 where they look forward to competing on their own!

As told to Caitlyn Brady, Missoula Y Marketing Intern.