All classes offer tons of group support as you challenge yourself on the indoor cycling bikes or in the swimming pool! All fitness levels are welcome as you can ride or swim at your own pace.

In cycling classes, riders will modify the intensity up or down to match their needs. Your own water bottle is recommended and hard-soled athletic shoes or bike cleats are required for cycling classes. Please bring your own towel to aquatics classes.

NOTIFICATION: Our mobile app is going through updates. Some classes and programs may not appear as we work to complete these updates. Please refer to the monthly class calendars at the bottom of this site for group exercise schedules. We apologize for the inconvenience!

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Aqua Fit

Includes low-, moderate-, and high-intensity aerobic activity options, deep-water exercise, and resistance training using water dumbbells, noodles and kickboards.


Aqua HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) includes specialized Tabata transitions into the water. Minimal choreography, maximum results. A high-intensity, low-impact workout.

Cardio Burst Cycle

A fast-paced ride of flats and hills set to motivating music! All fitness levels welcome. 45 minutes.


This 60-minute ride is full of flats, hills, and speed drills.


A 45-minute ride workout followed by 15 minutes of core exercises.

Cycle HIIT+

30 minutes of high-intensity riding followed by 20 minutes of extreme core work.

Deep Water Running

Offering a great running workout in the pool while eliminating wear and tear on your body. This class is designed for beginning, intermediate, and elite runners.

Duo Aqua Fit

Work your way from the deep to shallow end in this enhanced Aqua Fit class!

Masters Swimming

Join us for adults-only coached lap swim lessons! Y Member Code of Conduct applies.