Lifeguard Certification

Lifeguard Certification 2018-01-25T09:47:43+00:00

bjlrIrQULpgJSY9AlwQl5wpizviX53110GQiJteqU40WdUUR4Nr75zdVMhGBCShaggpEaj7fiJtvs_igmk9mvs-pyHaAE4SyAfE5hFJ15pIZcul4Jlsrav-WwsfQEDZvwPrepare to work as a lifeguard by receiving your American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification. To be eligible for this class, candidates must be 15 years old on or before the final day of class. Successful candidates will receive certificates in lifeguarding, first aid & CPR and AED for the Professional Rescuer. All classes are mandatory. Classes require at least three participants to occur. To request additional sessions contact the Aquatics office.

Session I: April 9–20 (Monday–Friday from 5:15–9:15 p.m.)
Session II: June 25–29 (Intensive daytime course; 9:15 a.m.–5:15 p.m.)

Fee: $ 142 (includes training manual and CPR mask)


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