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Amber Hitchcock–School Age

Brian Steffen–CEO

Casey Rogers–Youth Sports

Dan Cowan–Facilities

Dennis Bender–Facilities

Eli Catton–Youth Development

Gena Stevens–Accounting

Hanna Real–Nutrition

Heather Foster–Vice President

Julie Hofbauer–Development

Kara Tuttle–Health & Wellness







Kat Franchino–Marketing

Katie Grutsch–Youth Sports

Keri McHugh–Vice President

Kirby Beierle–Aquatics

Leslie McShane–HR

Liz Mutzenberger–Accounting


Margie Dewing–Early Education

Melodi Reisenauer–Aquatics






Michelle Gather–Membership

Mike Dimmitt–Inclusive Services

Nanette Melzer–Early Education

Rose Kahane–Aquatics